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UTA Spoil Wagon

We have a modest quantity of this popular kit of a truly iconic wagon, back by popular demand. Defitely one of the best wagons my craftman, Michael, has produced.


Kit  £27 post paid 

The kit of the Ulster Transport Authority "Brown Van" is still available.

Note the detail underneath - right down to the little supports for that very wide body. This is a very big vehicle!

This version was built in the late 1940s after WW2 by the Authority's workshops at Dunmurry and Harland and Wolff.

They were to be seen all over the former Northern Counties (NCC) lines and VERY occasionally on Great Northern lines after the UTA took over the northern part of that railway. Mainly used to carry postal, perishable and sundries traffic on the NCC both attached to passenger trains and on specific trains like the "Perishables" from Larne Harbour. They would have been steam hauled at first but latterly by the Multi Purpose Diesels railcars.

Des Sullivan of Studio Scale Models who has produced the transfers for me. Five numbers as carried by these vans, from new through to the UTA renumbering (in the early 1960s?), are available - 1825, 1830, 1888, 1889 and 1895. Those with a good knowledge of railway history will see why I have chosen those numbers!

Kit Price                            £30.00

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