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Sligo Leitrim&Northern Counties Railway 7 ton cattle wagon

This handmade wagon is a close cousin of my GNR(I) cattle wagon, but with slightly different planking and roof. Add variety to your cattle special! Because the SLNCR existed to export cattle from the Midlands of Ireland via Derry and Belfast, these wagons would have been seen on the GNR quite commonly and photographs exist of them in trains with standard GN wagons.

Another nice handmade model from Michael Rayner.

                           Kit                £25


My modeller, Michael, has proved that he knows more about Irish wagons than I do, when he turned up a photo in Neil Sprinks' excellent book "Sligo Leitrim and Northern Counties Railway - an Irish Railway Pictorial". At the bottom of page 69 is a photo of van No. 131, in the scrap line at Manorhamilton in 1954. On examining it, we realised that it is a close cousin of our GNR(I) 9 ton van!

So, above you will find the prototype of our next offering - a SLNCR 7 ton van! Of course, it is the same casting, but will be correctly numbered and lettered for the SL&NCR fleet. The transfers used on the prototype are NOT the final ones, which will be closer to the SL&NCR house-style.

A convenient way to offer a bit of variety in your goods train? Like many SL&NCR wagons it would have strayed onto the GNR and CIE systems in the 1950s.

                     KIT                     £25


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