How to buy our wagons

Over the Counter

From time to time, we will attend exhibitions and you can simply pay in cash (Pounds or Euros, to suit you). See our Exhibitions Page for our forthcoming attendances.

Postal Sales

To order our wagons simply send an e-mail detailing your order to

UK residents should use the above e-mail address to get an invoice and instructions for paying by cheque, or postal order made out to -


nothing else please!


I accept orders from the Euro Zone by one of three methods –

1) Cash (Euros are acceptable, ), sent by registered post.

2) A Paypal payment, which can be done over the Internet. I raise the invoice (in Sterling) and a request for the money. However, to use this, you must have access to the Internet in the first place!

I charge 5.5% extra for using this method - well, they charge me! Sorry. Try transferring the money, as below

3) The preferred method is a bank transfer.

I have a Euro account at the Ulster Bank in Monaghan, so if you wish to pay in Euros, all you need do is get the details from me and then transfer the amount via the internet.

OR, you can walk into any bank, give them the cash as a credit to my account and they will do the rest. It shows up on my statement and I send the wagons!

Easier than ever.


Postage and Packing costs

Our recommended retail prices stated above normally are inclusive of post and packing, when ordering from me directly.

Save Yourself Money!

My wagons are priced to sell and post singly - I do save money posting more than one and I will share the benefit, so simply ask me for a invoice before buying!


Normally, you should have your wagon within two weeks. If there is likely to be any delays, I will post a notice on the site.

Contacting us

You can contact us by snail mail, telephone or e-mail, as suits you best.

We’re at:

Provincial Wagons
“Pettigo Fair”
22 Lansdowne Road
GU16 9UW

Phone 01252 837954



GLR 3D Model Design: Producers of 3D Irish coaches using the 3D printing technique are to be found at - :

Irish Railway Record Society, London Area

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