Another "mass-produced" wagon is a private owner coal wagon - No.58 of the once large fleet owned by Belfast coal merchant John Milligen and Co.

Like the prototype, numbered in a distinctive diamond on the end -

Irish Private Owner wagons were few and far between, but Charles Friel turned up a couple of photos of these wagons taken on GN territory, one half-hidden behind a loco! No.58 was one of those in the photos.

We are all indebted to him and the photographer, as they provided the evidence on which the wagon is based. It simply had to be modelled, even if out of most of our periods! I don't know when the wagons ceased to be used, but it could have been as early as World War II. Des Coakham remembers seeing some of them at Belfast York Road about then. He remembers them as being red, so the model is in Carmine Red. A dab of that colour will give you the equally valid numbers 5 or 8!

I hope that you agree that they will make a colourful addition to an Irish goods train. Also the higher profile of a five plank wagon breaks up the monotony of a string of four planks!

Limited edition of 130 wagons.

Recommended Retail Price:          £15

which includes postage. VERY FEW LEFT

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