I will be attending a small number of exhibitions.

Planned attendances include:


27/28 November 2021

Warley Model Railway Exhibition

I'll be on the IRRS Stand at the NEC in Birmingham again this year.

An exhibit of my wagons (and other models) may be included on the Irish Railway Record Society stand. I will not be selling there, as that contravenes the rules for Society stands, but you may pick up pre-paid orders from me there.

Richard McLachlan's loco, carriage and wagon drawings from The Society's Archive will be given prominence on this stand.

Irish Railway Record Society - London AND Dublin

You can also pick up my wagons at the Irish Railway Record Society meetings at in London. Best to let me what you want, in case it's an evening when I don't exhibit! 


For IRRS London Area Meetings, see the website



For more information, e-mail us at info@provincialwagons.com

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