Belfast & Co Down Railway wagons

Open Coal wagon No.2A

Especially produced for the 2010 Bangor exhibition.

Complete with end lettering, like the prototype!

Another wagon produced from Des Coakham's artwork based on drawings he made during his lunch hours in the 1950s! Time well spent, I'd say.

This wagon will have been used to collect loco coal from the coal quays at Belfast, for distribution to the various sheds with coaling facilities. Des described it as an old worn-out wagon, possibly downgraded from normal main line use. Its exact provenance is unknown, but one may be pretty sure that it met its end during the great slaughter of all things to do with BCDR steam in the 1950s when the Bangor line was dieselised.

An admission here, the model is pristine, while the original was anything but! A good excuse for some weathering practise (I promise to publish here the best examples offered to me!).

A limited run of 150 wagons


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