29 September 2021


This website will close in a month's time!

Just a quick update to say that I plan to change my website to a simpler cheaper one in a month's time.


Now that I have reached my 75th birthday, I have no plans to extend my range. That said, I have stocks of almost all of my kits, as listed here, and plan to remain "Open" for the forseeable future.


A reminder that you can always contact me by e-mail at:



I have been asked about my Bread Containers, which I previously supplied fully painted and lettered (see GNR Wagons). I cannot get these containers painted at present, but I can offer unpainted containers with a choice of transfers - just contact me if you want a particular bakery's container. 






Re-mastered 1970s SKELETON FLAT

The new skeleton on left with the new one-piece container in undercoat) behind it. On right is effectively the same wagon but with a floor suitable for taking any 20ft container. Behind it is a decorated container. I can supply you with either version of the container flat kit, at the same price. 


See CIE Wagons for full details


Our best-selling CIE Cattle wagon kits are still available

Thank you to those who have made this a best-seller and who have posted photos of superbly completeld wagons Still very much available!

This is the prototype build of the kit, the 1950 version of the standard CIE cattle wagon. There were hundreds of these wagons built, with variations between late 1940s and mid '50s. 

The second photograph shows the rather archaeic planked roof! Pity the por animals in wet weather?


Kit   £29

Five for £140

Ten for £275


Now you can use your J15 (or your Bachmann Woolwich mogul) to pull a Fair Special!

They even lasted into "121" era - 

Thanks, Paddy for a super new loco)

Perfect for haulage by IRM's forthcoming "A" Class.


Ready to Run sales 

I still have some of my wagons, ready to run, including kit built scale wagons. If interested, please get in touch

Some of you will have purchased the 00 Works "101" Class so you will probably want a train to go with it? Not everyone either wants, or feels confident, that they can build our kits (although most modellers tell me they go together well).

Above is a train created for one valued customer - if you prefer to get my wagons ready to run, just ask! Of course, i have to get them into a building queue, but providing you are patient, we may be able to help.

Just let me know your wishes and I will see what we might manage.

This short branch line freight could have run on a CIE branch line in the 1950s or 1960s. Behind No.131 are two ubiquitous wagons - the "H" Van and the famed "Bulleid" corrugated open. Completing the train is our recently produced GS&WR 10 ton brake van - a splendidly ancient  vehicle.

Our first Passenger vehicle kit

 GNR(I) Class Y5 Passenger van.

Originally built as a Bread van, this vehicle was altered by Dundalk to replace the side double doors by a sliding door, as can be seen. It was subsequently intended as a "luggage" van. While the vans were fitted, they were not intended to be a guard's van and did not have the usual Guard's controls for the vacuum brake of the train.

They were a typical "tail" van on secondary lines, carrying all manner of sundries traffic. One or two lasted into the diesel era and could be seen being pulled by AEC, or BUT railcars in UTA days. 

The kit comes with GNR transfers, incuding the order that that the van was NOT to be used on Goods trains! Several numbers in the series are available.


KIT                        £35

Still available -

Ex-GSWR 10 ton Goods Brake Van  We've introduced this kit as a perfect partner to the 00 Works Class J15 0-6-0.


Built from about 1890 onwards, these modest brake vans were to be seen all over the Great Southern and Western Railway system, continuing into Great Southern days and finally CIE until the early 1960s! They were almost as long-lived as the locomotives which pulled them. A perfect partner for your 00 Works J15?


I have photographs in my possession of this type still in use on branch lines in the late 1950s, early 1960s - incuding one on a goods train hauled by a little G Class diesel!


Available as a kit with GSWR transfers and optional CIE Flying Snails (CIE appear to have crudely painted out the GSWR and applied the famous snail on the guard's lookout ducket.


  Kit       £33   or   €37   Post Paid              


And of course our UTA Brown Van - Every Ulster home should have one!

The kit of the Ulster Transport Authority "Brown Van" is still available.

Note the detail underneath - right down to the little supports for that very wide body. This is a very big vehicle!

This version was built in the late 1940s after WW2 by the Authority's workshops at Dunmurry and Harland and Wolff.

They were to be seen all over the former Northern Counties (NCC) lines and VERY occasionally on Great Northern lines after the UTA took over the northern part of that railway. Mainly used to carry postal, perishable and sundries traffic on the NCC both attached to passenger trains and on specific trains like the "Perishables" from Larne Harbour. They would have been steam hauled at first but latterly by the Multi Purpose Diesels railcars.

Des Sullivan of Studio Scale Models who has produced the transfers for me. Five numbers as carried by these vans, from new through to the UTA renumbering (in the early 1960s?), are available - 1825, 1830, 1888, 1889 and 1895. Those with a good knowledge of railway history will see why I have chosen those numbers!

Kit Price                            £29.00

Also available NOW, the CIE equivalent (?) -

(See CIE Wagons for details)

Our best selling wagon

The Bulleid corrugated open wagon in traffic on Patrick Dillane's railway in Madison, Ohio, USA. A finely weathered example of the wagon as it would have become over time. I must ask him where he got his "Beet"!

This book is in two parts - the first a near exact reproduction of the internal list given to GNR staff giving details of the Company's rolling stock. The second part gives new builds after 1944; major rebuilds; coaches acquired from Britain; the post war railcars; alterations made to carriages; disposal and withdrawal dates.

A MINE of information!

A must for any GNR modeller! 32 pages of A4 (the original was A5, so this is a lot easier to read!

Proceeds to the 171 Appeal

Available from me, post paid for

£5 plus £1 towards postage, UK only



Note on Euro and postal rates

The Euro rate causes a problem for anyone working across borders, as I do. Please take any Euro prices as guidance. I will convert the sterling price for any order to the mid Euro rate at the time when you place an order.


If you buy multiple wagons from me, I can almost certainly save a little on postage and pass that on.


Who are we?

Now, for new viewers, the original introduction from 2007, so you know just what Provincial Wagons is about! Since then, I have produced and sold over 4,000 wagons, which are running on layouts as far apart as Ireland, Norway, Canada and New Zealand.

My name is Leslie McAllister and I hope over time to be worthy of my chosen trading name Provincial Wagons, by producing replicas of wagons from the railways of all four of Ireland’s provinces. Our first wagons were be from Leinster and Ulster, the provinces through which the Great Northern Railway of Ireland ran.

While there are a number of model Irish locomotives available, there was very little for them to pull! To date, a number of people have approached the problem with wagon and coach kits. There are also a number of ready-to-run passenger vehicles. Not everyone has the skill to build a whitemetal or brass kit, so Provincial Wagons has looked at other ways to produce model wagons to pull behind the locomotives which many of us have collected over the years.

A chance meeting with Martin Dean, late proprietor of Wessex Wagons, who just happens to be an enthusiast for the railways of the Emerald Isle, encouraged me to produce some Irish outline wagons using the “specially commissioned wagon” route.

Another name must be mentioned - David White. He had been looking at the possibility of commissioning exact scale models of Irish wagons, but discovered that the set-up costs were pretty prohibitive, so that must wait! He has been instrumental in encouraging me to get started on this venture and continues to give enthusiastic advice and input.

After commissioning a number of British wagons in Irish colours (see Previous Wagons), we began to produce kits of scale wagons and that is where we are today.


Key to that was meeting Michael Rayner, a very skilled modeller based on the Isle of Wight! His "Smallbrook Studio" models have a well-deserved fame of their own. Michael masters and then produces kits in resin. All of my kits to date are from his skilled hands.

Provincial Wagons has been created because of my interest in Irish Railways. This grew from railway modelling activities in my ‘teens. When a railway society was formed at my school, I joined to gain an insight into “the real thing”. My interest in railways blossomed from there and my travels in search of working steam have taken me to about 25 countries. (I have detailed logs to prove it!). I have served twenty years on the RPSI’s council and am currently the publications officer for the Irish Railway Record Society in London. Although my greatest love is the steam engine, I am first and foremost a railway enthusiast, so my model collection includes a very large number of diesels and electrics (and steam, of course!) from countries for which I have a particular affection. My first Irish models were two railcar sets in Great Northern colours. The steam engines, built from Terry McDermott’s excellent kits followed. Now, I want wagons to pull behind them and while there are kits of some wagons, the time to get them built and the cost encouraged me to look at other ways to populate my trains!

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